Beauty, Wellness, & Anti-Aging with Home Microcurrent Device

Working the Lymphatic System & Myofascial Release

Marathon Runner Finishes 20 MInutes Faster When Using Device

See Microcurrent Device Erasing 'Spider Veins'

Special 1 Hour Share on Health-Lymphatic System & Microcurrent Device 

Vicki Mah ~ Intuitive Energy Healer & Bodyworker ~ Founder of Release the Pain

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Hello, my name is Vicki Mah.  My mission and intention are to end suffering and pain in people, and to help them become self-empowered. I'm glad you can join me on this journey towards better health and well-being. πŸ’™
Are you looking for immediate relief from pain, tightness, or swelling? Discover our revolutionary home device that not only circulates your lymphatic system but can also removes spider veins, cellulite, tightness, and belly fat. Enhance your athletic performance, achieve better skin tone, and experience overall wellness instantly. Read on to learn how our device can transform your health and lifestyle.*Add%20a%20subheading%20(2)*png?alt=media&token=699f6d73-0eb8-48d5-9772-f7916fbeb0d3*Screenshot%202024-06-10%20at%202*20*15%20PM*png?alt=media&token=97d2c3bb-5552-45ad-a82b-761699db4507

Ultimate Wellness & 
Beauty Device Benefits

βœ“   Abdomen, Thighs, Buttocks & Arms
  • Firms, Lifts & Tones Body
  • Reduces Cellulite
  • Tightens Saggy Skin
  • Smooths Skin
βœ“   Enhanced Circulation
  • Increases Blood Circulation in Skin & Connective Tissue
  • Promotes Circulation to Injuries
βœ“   Detox & Wellness
  • Drains Toxins & Promotes Wellbeing
  • Lymphatic Drainage
βœ“   Muscle & Joint Relief
  • Reduces Swelling (Depuffing)
  • Relaxes Muscle Tension
  • Pre & Post Workout Massage
3 min.
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Rejuvenate and Heal with 
Holistic Health Device

For all ages and pets, too!